Code of Conduct Salto Squad Parents

Wednesday recreation class

Code of Conduct for Salto Squad Parents


  1. Ensure gymnasts are punctual for their training sessions.
  2. Contact the office/coach at your earliest convenience to let us know if gymnasts are going to be late.
  3. Let us know in advance of their session if they are unable to attend.
  4. NOT interact with gymnasts during their sessions be it verbally or through gestures. This has proven to be disruptive to their training.
  5. NOT enter the gym unless invited to do so by their coach or a member of management. This includes opening the main gym door.
  6. Avoid the disparagement of the knowledge, ability or performance of gymnasts or coaches. There are accepted methods of expressing disapproval, which should be followed.
  7. If unhappy with any aspect of the running of the club or with the performance or behaviour of gymnasts or coaches please express this in one of the following ways:
    1. By speaking directly to the coach in charge of the group.
    2. By speaking directly/in writing to the CEO.
    3. By speaking directly/ in writing to the clubs Welfare Officer
  8. Show appreciation and respect for the coaches, officials, volunteers and other parents.
  9. NOT air your concerns in an open forum. Airing your grievances with other parents or on social media serves little constructive purpose. It places others in uncomfortable positions, sets a poor example for your child and affects the team atmosphere of the gym.
  10. Be professional – you are also a representative of your child’s club, so when you go to an event/competition remember you are a guest. Don’t talk about other teams or gymnasts and NEVER approach an official. That’s the coaches job not yours. So if you have a concern discuss it with your child’s coach and they will deal with it as they see fit.
  11. Set a good example by recognising good sportsmanship and applauding the good performance of ALL, including your child’s own team mates.
  12. Re-enforce the rules of the gym and encourage your child to follow them. The rules are there to help your club run safely and smoothly for all gymnasts.

If you are unable to follow these simple and important rules then it is time to consider if your child is in the right club.

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