Salto Lisburn

Our Rules

Rules for Parents

  • Please ensure your child arrives on time for class.
  • Parents should not enter the gym at any time unless a coach has requested you to be present.
  • Please make sure your child is appropriately dressed.
  • Please do not bring your child to the gym if they are unwell.
  • Please make sure you arrive on time to collect your child.
  • Inform the office if there is a change in your contact details.
  • Notify the office as soon as possible if you wish to terminate your child’s membership.
  • Inform the office if you do not wish your child to be involved in video/photography used for marketing purposes.

Rules for Gymnasts

  • Always listen to your coach and act upon their instructions at all times.
  • Do not use the apparatus until your coach allows you to do so.
  • If you have long hair make sure this is tied back.
  • Wear appropriate clothing – leotard, or t-shirt and shorts. Tracksuits for warm up, preferably without zip.
  • No crop tops.
  • No jewellery whatsoever.
  • Please visit the toilet before class.
  • Be kind and respectful to others.
  • Finally, have fun!