Registration Information 2019


Dear Parent,
By now all our members should have received a letter in class explaining our new online class booking system with class4kids. You should also have received an email providing you with the link to register your child for Term 3 before the deadline 26th January 2019. As with all new changes there will be a learning phase so we thank you for your patience!
1. I have paid an annual fee why am I being asked to pay again?
All members will need to book online.
This will ensure you appear on our register for Term 3. Please contact the office who will manually adjust your online payment record accordingly.
2. I can’t add a sibling to my account.
For this initial phase each sibling will need to be added using a separate link therefore for the second sibling you should receive a second email etc. If you only received an email for one sibling, please contact the office to receive another email with the link to register.
3. I want to pay via cash or card at the window.
We will still take payments at the window however for things to run as efficiently as possible we would recommend payment online. We cannot accept a payment at the office until after your child has been registered online.
4. I have not received an email.
There are a number of customers that did not provide an email address on the initial registration form or it was illegible so please contact the office immediately and we will update our records and send the link to register your child for Term 3.
5. How do I request a change of class?
If you would like to change class it is important that you contact us first thing on the morning of Monday 4th February and we can check availability.
**Please note if you have not registered and paid by Saturday the 2nd February, your place may not be available as the system will automatically invite those on our waiting list**
Tel: 028 9260 7888