Gymnastics is…

  • A sport in which athletes called gymnasts perform acrobatic feats – leaps, flips, turns, handstands and more – on a piece of apparatus such as a balance beam, or with a piece of apparatus like a rope or ribbon.
  • Not only is it fun, gymnastics is also a great foundation for any sport or physical activity.
  • It is exciting because of its unique contribution to general fitness, coordination, agility, strength, balance and speed. You will learn how to move, roll, jump, swing and turn upside down!
  • Gymnastics provides a sound foundation in movement for boys and girls of all ages. This allows everyone to develop their whole body which is useful in all other sports and activities.

1. Flexibility – gymnastics training will help you gain greater control of your body and increase your agility.

2. Good health – being physically active is one of the best things you can do for your general health and to prevent illnesses when you are older.

3. Strong bones – participation in weight bearing exercise like gymnastics helps strenghten your bones.

4. Self esteem – research shows that young people who take part in a regular physical activitiy like gymnastics feel better about themselves and more confident.

5. Daily exercise needs – taking part in gymnastics with its regular training helps towards recommended daily exercise goals.

6. Good for your mind – gymnastics works your mental muscles too! It improves concentration and focus and encourages you to think for yourself and take on challenges in a safe environment.

7. Increased coordination – gymnasts are better at avoiding hazardous situations like falling, thanks to their training and conditioning.

8. Strength – gymnastics is known to be one of the best sports for increasing and developing strength.

9. Discipline – gymnastics is great for instilling self discipline, as all gynmasts must follow the corrections of the coach and be able to stick to regular practising.

10. Social Skills – children of all ages learn to work as a team, to listen and follow instructions, and to respect the coach and their fellow gymnasts.