social distancing rules

  • On arrival at the gym, queue outside on the marked areas
  • Wait until a coach calls you in
  • Sanitise your hands at our hand santising station
  • Place your shoes in the designated area
  • To get to class, gymnasts should follow the one way system, using the arrows for guidance
  • Changing rooms are closed – only bring what you need for your session and change at home
  • Once inside the gym, leave your water bottle on the bench provided
  • Find a space on the floor in the marked areas ready for your session
  • During the session our coaches will wear a visor or a mask to keep you safe
  • We have marked areas to stand while waiting for equipment so you can enjoy your gymnastics and safely distance
  • Before and after each apparatus a coach will help you hand sanitise, using one of our hand sanitising stations

Walk through the steps in our welcome back video

  • Once you are done having fun in your class gymnasts will stand apart on the floor, collect their water bottle one by one, and when instructed by a coach, follow the arrows to exit our one way system
  • Collect your belongings and hand sanitise before leaving the gym
  • Our coaches will then clean before the next class